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Hack’d™ Glitter: 

All that glimmers is not always gold, sometimes it’s glitter!

Hack’d™ glitter is a semi-translucent craft enhancing glitter. We feature a wide variety of Hack’d™ glitter in traditional & non-traditional form, each with unique characteristics that help the colors & designs of your craft show through the glitter to create some jaw-dropping crafts. 


Ice Glitter Use: 

Crafts, DIY projects, Cosmetic use, Paint... The possibilities are endless! 


Product Details: ­ 

Type: Hack’d™ Glitter 

Color: Pure White 

Cut Size: 0.010 Or 1/96 (Fine) 

Glitter Buddy: Blizzard, Marshmallow.


Material: Polyester Glitter 

Shaker Size: 100mL 

Amount Per Shaker: 67-71g* 

Grade: Premium Grade Glitter 

Toxicity: Non-Toxic 

UV Resistant: Yes 

Heat Resistant: Up To 120~160°C/248~320°F 

Solvent Resistant: Not Resistant to Acid or Alkali

Clump Rating: Clump Free 


Ice is pure white Hack’d™ fine cut (0.010 or 1/96) glitter. 

Ice comes in 100mL shaker which fills 67-71g.* 



All our shakers are filled to volume and come with a dual opening lid for easy control for less waste.  




*These weights are subject to change. 

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